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Our range of NM5 Long-span shelving are designed to store non-palletised items such as cartons, parts trays and tools. It’s perfect for garages / sheds at home or warehouses large or small.



Longspan Shelving Melbourne

Do you need adjustable and long shelves to

store oversized or multiple items?


Are you searching for durable shelving solutions

that can be altered to suit your needs? Thanks to the longspan shelving options offered by the team at Harley Industrial you can trust us to provide you with reliable and well-constructed products that meet your requirements. No matter what industry you are in the adaptable design of longspan shelving is perfect for Melbourne businesses.



Industrial Shelving Melbourne

Capable of baring heavy loads longspan shelving can be used for storing a number of different products depending on your industry.


By selecting Harley Industrial to deliver shelving solutions to your business you are ensuring the safety and security of your stock and employees.


Well suited for industrial environments and capable of withstanding heavy loads our range of industrial shelving can improve business operations no matter what industry you are in.


We also offer other services like designing, installation and manufacturing. To discover more about our range of longspan and industrial shelving installation services business owners from Melbourne to Brisbane and everywhere in between can call us today.


• Frame Height: 2200mm / 3000mm

• Frame Depth: 450mm / 600mm /900mm

• Beam Length: 1500mm / 1800mm / 2100mm / 2591mm


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