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Selective pallet racking is the most commonly used pallet racking. It provides users with maximum flexibility and versatility. It is also the most economical storage option, it is therefore considered the first-choice by many.


The simple frame-beam assembly allow easy adjustment of beam heights which in turn facilitates the selective pallet racking system to accommodate loads of almost all types and sizes. Customers can also choose various types of optional accessories from Harley Industrial to add onto the system to cater for their special needs. Most importantly, selective racking provides users with 100% pallet access to achieve unrivaled stock rotation as pallets can be located, accessed and moved individually, providing rapid handling of palletised goods.


The selective pallet racking system can be serviced by almost all types of forklifts (Walkie Stacker, Reach Stacker, Counter Balanced Forklifts), and can be reconfigured and relocated for future changes, it is an ideal choice for warehouse of all sizes.





• Frame Height (75mm Hole Center): 2400mm / 3075mm / 3750mm / 4425mm /
   5250mm / 6000mm

• Standard Frame Depth (75mm Hole Center): 840mm / 1200mm

• Frame Height (76.2mm Hole Center): 2438mm / 3048mm / 3658mm / 4267mm / 4877mm /
   5486mm / 6096mm / 6782mm

• Standard Frame Depth (76.2mm Hole Center): 838mm / 1219mm

• Standard Bay Width: 1372mm / 2591mm / 2743mm / 3048mm / 3810mm

• Standard Beam Height: 60mm / 80mm / 100mm / 120mm / 140mm

• Standard Frame Depth: 840mm / 1220mm

We offer other products too like used pallet racking, long span shelving and push back racking.
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