Racking Safety Audit & Repairs

To ensure the safety of your warehouse, it’s important to ensure your entire pallet racking and shelving system is inspected and maintained on a regular basis. We have accredited rack safety inspectors who are available to come to your site and inspect the structural integrity of your pallet racking and shelving systems, then generate a damage report and recommended action plan, our professional rack repairer will repair or replace damaged components to make sure your racking system stays safe and sound.


Racking Systems Repairs Melbourne

Harley Industrial’s team of skilled and certified racking designers and builders know how important it is to guarantee every single aspect of your racking is safely assembled. Drawing on over 60 years of combined experience we have built racking for customers across all industries to the specifications set by our clients. If a level of racking has buckled under the weight of overloaded stock or a forklift has collided with a racks vertical strut you can rely on us to conduct extensive racking systems repairs. Melbourne businesses and beyond can trust us to assess and test the damage and rebuild the structure as required.


We offer selective pallet racking, second hand pallet racking and more with installation services too.


Pallet Racking Repairs Melbourne

During regular operations racking and shelving systems can be subjected to damage caused by misuse or load instability. Split or cracked pallets can also become trapped in the horizontal pallet racking struts, warping the steel beams and affecting the integrity of the racking structure. To keep workplaces safe we conduct tailored pallet racking repairs for our Melbourne customers.


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